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ChatGPT passes exams for MBA courses and medical licences — and it’s only getting started – National

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Worried that one day AI will take over your job? That day may come sooner or later.

Two separate research papers revealed. Chat GPT You have what it takes to pass the U.S. medical licensure exam and potentially an MBA from an Ivy League business school.

Doctors and investors are cautious, but lawyers can rest easy for now. Another study found that ChatGPT was only about 50% accurate in the Multistate Bar Examination. Legal licensing process in the US.

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In a white paper entitled “”Can Chat GPT3 get Wharton MBA?University of Pennsylvania Professor Christian Terwiesch details the results of testing an AI language model. He took the final exam for the Operations Management course at the Wharton School of Business and found that chatbots can get B’s to B-‘s.

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“First, it does an amazing job with basic operations management and process analysis questions,” writes Terwiesch. “Not only is the answer correct, but the explanation is excellent.”

But Terwiesch realized that chatbots can’t even do basic math.

“Chat GPT3 can make startling mistakes in relatively simple 6th grade calculations. These mistakes can be large,” the paper reads.

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ChatGPT has shown “amazing capabilities,” writes Terwiesch, noting that it has the potential to automate skills performed by “highly paid knowledge workers” such as analysts, consultants and managers.

separately Pre-print surveyled by medical startup doctor ansible healthresearchers found that ChatGPT “performed at or near the passing standards for all three exams” is required to become licensed as a physician in the United States.

The language model did this “without any special training or enhancement,” and “showed a high level of agreement and insight in its explanations,” the paper notes. The findings are still in the peer review process.

When it comes to ChatGPT’s performance in bars, the chatbot scored passing marks in the evidence and tort sections of the multistate bar exam. December 2022 paper found. His accuracy on all parts of the test was 50.3%, but this score is much higher than his 25% baseline at random guessing.

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The researchers noted that ChatGPT will likely be able to clear US courts “in the near future.”

Each study mentions the future potential of integrating AI and language models into their respective fields, and ChatGPT is already disrupting the way we approach education.

No one knows how AI will affect the jobs of the future. What is certain is that humans are no longer alone in having a market driven by intelligence and creativity.

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