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China’s Xi Jinping ‘unwilling’ to accept western Covid vaccines says US intelligence chief | China

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping reluctant to accept Western vaccine despite challenges China U.S. National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes said the recent protests were not a threat to the Communist Party’s rule, but could affect his personal status.

China’s daily Covid cases near all-time high, but some cities loosen testing and quarantine rules after Xi’s zero-Covid policy sparks sharp economic slowdown and social unrest against Covid-19 lockdowns We are taking steps.

Addressing the annual Reagan Defense Forum in California on Saturday, Haines said that despite the social and economic impact of the virus, Xi “didn’t want to get a better vaccine from the West.” , relying instead on the Chinese vaccine, which is not as effective against Omicron.”

“Looking at the protests and the reactions to them refutes the theory he likes to put forward that China is far more effective in government,” Haynes said.

“Again, it is not seen as a threat to stability, regime change, etc. sho,” he added.

authorities last week Covid restrictions suddenly lifted In Guangzhou and Chongqing, China, demonstrators brawled with police.

Saturday, The southern city of Shenzhen announced After China’s largest cities Chengdu and Tianjin make similar moves, people will no longer be required to show negative Covid test results to use public transport or enter parks.

Many testing booths in Beijing have closed as the capital no longer requires negative test results as a condition of entering supermarkets and elsewhere.

in an apparent effort to address Anger at Zero Covid Policy Originally sparking protests, authorities have also announced plans to step up vaccinations for the elderly.

China has not approved foreign Covid vaccines and has opted for domestically produced ones, which some studies suggest are not as effective as some foreign vaccines. That means loosening antivirus measures could come with big risks, according to experts.

The White House said earlier this week that China is not demanding a vaccine from the United States.

A US official told Reuters there was “no current expectation” of China approving a Western vaccine.

“It seems pretty implausible for China to give the Western vaccine the go-ahead at this point. you’ll have to swallow it.

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