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DOJ tells senators it is working to satisfy Trump and Biden document demands without harming special counsel probes

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The American flag flutters outside the US Department of Justice Building in Washington, USA, December 15, 2020.

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Washington DC. (CNN) — The Justice Department is working to meet the demands of members of the Senate Intelligence Committee for information about classified documents found in the possession of Presidents Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. said there is. , according to a new letter obtained by CNN.

The DOJ letter, attached Saturday, was filed by the committee in August with information about documents recovered from Trump’s Mar-Arago residence and the Penn Biden Center and classified materials found at Biden’s Wilmington. responses to a follow-up survey by Delaware, home.

In a letter to Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Senator Carlos Uriarte, Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote: We are helping to provide information that meets the Commission’s responsibilities.” Marco Rubio, the top congressman of the Intelligence Panel.

“One of the special prosecutors was appointed on January 12, but prosecutors on both issues are actively working to share information with the commission,” Uriarte said. says Mr.

The letter also noted that the DOJ “worked in good faith to schedule the briefing in September 2022,” but that since then, “significant progress has been made, including the appointment of two special counsel to handle each issue.” there was,” he said.

“The Department of Defense looks forward to continuing to engage with the Commission to meet its needs while protecting the interests of the Department of Defense,” the letter said.

The DOJ’s response, which was also sent to top members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, included Warner and Rubio reiterating their call to the Department to share classified documents obtained from Biden’s and Trump’s possessions.

In an interview on Sunday with CBS’ Face the Nation, Warner and Rubio challenged Attorney General Merrick Garland’s policy of withholding documents until the special counsel in charge of each investigation gives clearance. Warner said the Justice Department’s policy was “unfounded.”

“Our job is to make sure the information is not compromised, and the Director of National Intelligence was happy to explain it to us before, but now that you have a special counsel, we The idea of ​​being left in the air, and we can’t work, it’s just unbearable,” said a Democrat from Virginia.

Rubio questions the logic behind the Justice Department’s position not to share the documents with the committee, and as a member of the Senate Intelligence Panel, he likely already has appropriate authorization to view the documents. claimed.

A Republican from Florida said, “I don’t know if having the documents overseen by Congress, who actually know what they are, will hinder the investigation.” , materials that we already have access to, but we don’t know which ones.”

This story has been updated with additional information.

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