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Fears over oil producers’ influence with UAE as next host of Cop climate talks | United Arab Emirates

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As major Gulf oil states prepare to take the lead in negotiations, there is growing concern among climate experts and activists about the impact of fossil fuel producers on global climate negotiations.

of United Arab EmiratesIt is one of the world’s largest oil exporters.

Decision Taken at the Cop27 climate summit Negotiations in Egypt, which ended on Sunday, showed clear signs of the impact of fossil fuels, according to negotiators. They said Egypt’s ally Saudi Arabia played a key role outside of the talks. undermine strong commitments to limit temperature rise 1.5C higher than pre-industrial levels.

Many countries, including the UK and the EU, were deeply disappointed. Alok Sharma, the UK delegate to last year’s Cop26 summit, said in visible anger at the end of Cop27 on Sunday morning: Agreed in Glasgow, had to fight relentlessly to hold the line. “

At least 636 fossil fuel lobbyists also attended the Cop27 conference in Egypt. 70 involved UAE oil and gas companies.

This has raised questions about what will happen next year. Yamide Dagnet, director of climate justice at the Open Society Foundations, warns: [to the impacts of climate breakdown], financial and global inventories. So we shouldn’t simply think that fossil fuel lobbyists will be unforgiving. “

Matthew Hedges, an Emirati political economy expert who was imprisoned for almost six months and tortured during his doctoral studies in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, said a potential conflict of interest exists said.

“Emirates, a country with one of the world’s largest oil reserves, wants to expand and strengthen fossil fuel production. There may be, but how we can engage in such conflicting actions should be questioned,” he said.

About 13% of the UAE’s exports come directly from oil and gas, which represents about 30% of the country’s GDP. Many other industries, including construction and travel, are also financially linked to fossil fuels.

and cop 27, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, along with Brazil and China, are said to have thwarted attempts to include a resolution to phase out fossil fuels in the final outcome. Both rely on their ability to process and export oil. “

Alden Meyer, senior associate at environmental think tank E3G, said the final stages of Cop27 were criticized by participants as “non-transparent, unpredictable and chaotic” as negotiations exceeded the deadline by more than 30 hours. it was done. It can happen if the cop’s host country allows them to exercise undue influence over fossil fuel interests.

“It’s hard to imagine running a process worse than the Egyptian president,” he said. I hope to be more neutral than

E3G founder Nick Mabey was more optimistic. “The UAE is not Egypt or Saudi Arabia. They have very different interests and want different positions,” he said. “They say very different things about fossil fuels. This means they take a more balanced approach.”

The UAE also has close ties with Russia, which is another cause for concern. Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February, money from Russia has been pouring steadily into the UAE. This includes partnerships on energy and increased imports of Russian oil to enable the UAE to export more oil.

Russia, a major oil and gas producer, is the world’s fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and its leaky gas production facilities are a major source of the powerful greenhouse gas methane. I have.

Paul Bledsoe, former White House climate adviser to the Clinton administration and now of the Institute for Progressive Policy in Washington, DC, said: They should be ashamed of themselves, but I think Vladimir Putin is hopeless. He weaponized oil and gas for cash and geopolitical purposes. “

UN climate chief Simon Steele is said to be scrutinizing police processes to ensure transparency and smooth operations. He is under pressure to ensure that the negotiation process is less susceptible to fossil fuel interests.

The Guardian approached the UAE multiple times at Cop27, but received no response. The UAE had a large pavilion at Cop27 with a delegation of around 1,000 people. This was twice as much for him as for the second largest delegation, the Brazilian delegation.

The United Arab Emirates government has declared its intention to reach net zero by 2050 and has invested heavily in renewable energy.international renewable energy energy The agency is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

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