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Gareth Southgate’s England machine is functional, practical and ruthless

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“Very functional, very practical, very real,” Carlos Queiroz summed up his admiration for Gareth Southgate’s work. England on Sunday night. These may not be the adjectives fans want to hear about the team, or even how people describe the game, but they are a keen eye for why England are really good. Queiroz spoke of the individual prowess of England’s Golden Generation, but what distinguishes Southgate’s England most is their “realistic approach to every match” and that It makes them very dangerous.

Functional, practical, realistic. Once you’ve heard these words to describe Southgate’s England, it’s hard to imagine a better way to frame the defining characteristics of this team. rice field. At first glance, you might think, looking at eight goals, that this was the moment Southgate finally released the handbrake and delivered the buccaneering, nonchalant football some people demanded.

But this wasn’t Southgate in the end Seeing the error in his ways, he was eventually forced to abandon Gazball. This was indeed England play with the qualities Southgate had always demanded of them: organization, perseverance and efficiency. Combined with an opponent who collapsed after England took the lead, England had a little more luck than sometimes in the final third, resulting in a score that did not quite fit the overall pattern of the match. It was a weird game, slack in places and even losing runs at times. The first match of the tournament ended in what felt like the end of the season as England lost focus at the end and conceded two goals. Southgate wasn’t happy with this, but he liked the rest of the display.

This easy win always feels inevitable until the end, but it didn’t feel inevitable at first. What was very striking in England was that this could very well be a long, ugly slogan. When Queiroz said on Sunday night that England always took a ‘realistic approach’ to each match, this was undoubtedly his intention. England today was so easy to get distracted or lose focus, England had to go through so many layers of foggy context just to be able to get on the field and play the game like this.

This was England’s first match at the Qatar World Cup and since qualifying they have been asked if they would use the platform to protest the fact that it is here.There has been a long debate about the best way to do this This culminated in the decision on the morning of the match that, like the other European FAs, the FA decided not to wear the armbands they had decided for this specific purpose. south gate and Harry Kane He had to face questions about this on Sunday night, as Kane’s potential bookings could be on him.

Southgate have won three consecutive tournament openers, a first for England (Photo: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Southgate is used to being asked about non-football topics, but even he may have been surprised at how small this particular game was in the context of the past few weeks. started one answer about being ‘in the middle of an economic recession’, there was a moment to discuss how England would deal with ‘a team in the lower block’. You may feel like you always have to cut through politics before.

So maybe it was only natural for the English players to get away from the ball here this afternoon. (I can’t say it many times, but the position of the English players is What Iranian players are currently facing in terms of their country’s political situation. “You can’t imagine what their lives have been like these past few days. Whatever they do, whatever they say, they want to kill them.” They protested the Iranian regime by keeping silence for the national anthem.)

Southgate passes Ramsey

manager Tournament victory tournament game

Gareth Southgate



Alf Ramsey



Sven Goran Eriksson



Bobby Robson



Ron Greenwood



Roy Hodgson



Walter Winterbottom



Glenn Hoddle



Terry Venables



Kevin Keegan



Fabio Capello



Graham Taylor



But what we do know from recent history is that England’s teams often got off to bad starts in tournaments, especially the World Cup. Can’t seem to think clearly and play the game not the opportunity. Who can forget the setbacks of the second half Sweden Paraguay in 2002, an unmissable victory in 2006, an ugly draw with the United States in 2010, or Italy Four years later.

To say England won 2-1 would be to rewrite history. Tunisia The defeat in Volgograd was a clear defeat, but at least it was a victory and gave England a boost in their campaign. Croatia I was nervous at the end, but well deserved.

England tournament openers since 2000

tournament result

Euro 2000

L 2-3 v Portugal

2002 World Cup

D 1-1 v Sweden

Euro 2004

L 1-2v France

2006 World Cup

Won 1-0 v Paraguay

world cup 2010

D1-1v USA

Euro 2012

D 1-1 v France

world cup 2014

L 1-2 v Italy

Euro 2016

D 1-1 v Russia

world cup 2018

Won 2-1 v Tunisia

euro 2020

Won 1-0 v Croatia

world cup 2022

Won 6-2 v Iran

And this 6-2 victory was the best of any team. England simply played the game, not the context.They knew they were going to face a physically aggressive opponent who didn’t hesitate to tackle, but Kane and Saka Bukayo Kicked.

they knew Iran They were sitting deep at 5-4-1, looking to give up all ball possession and pitch width. The challenge for England was therefore to play where there was space, avoid Iran and be astute in ball possession.first goal from first time Luke Shaw The second goal came from England’s physical dominance in the box. Iran could not cope. Harry Maguire And decide the slope and score.

Iran started to lose focus at this point, but England made the cut easily with a break. At 3–0 the match ended as a contest when Bellingham and Kane ran down the middle of the pitch and Kane crossed to Stirling. The way England continued to attack and score in the second half was a tribute to their efficiency rather than playing overly gung-ho football.

The victory was the first time England had won three consecutive tournament openers. They navigated the game smoothly with an ease and comfort not typical of the thick-shirted England squad so accustomed to the World Cup. There was something mechanical about it—somehow it was both surgical and bloodless at the same time. It’s: the advantage of their experienced spine and clear belief in what they’re trying to do. This victory was patient, ruthless, functional, pragmatic, and ultimately down to earth.

(Photo: Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images)

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