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Georgia Supreme Court allows early voting on post-holiday Saturday

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Georgia Supreme Court Wednesday Rejected Deny urgent requests from Republicans to block counties from offering early voting on Saturday.

Georgia counties aren’t required to vote early on Saturdays, but they’re going against a state official’s directive that it’s illegal to vote early on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Many said they would after the Democrats filed a lawsuit on .

The move is a victory for Democrats, including Senator Rafael Warnock, who is seeking re-election in the Dec. 6 runoff against Republican Herschel Walker. His three committees in the Republican Party were trying to block the Saturday vote after Thanksgiving.

The Georgia High Court has dismissed an emergency petition filed by the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party of Georgia, and the Republican Senate Campaign Division with a one-sentence ruling.

Republican groups said Saturday’s poll violated state law, benefiting Democratic bases and creating an “unequal system where some counties vote on Nov. 26 and others don’t.” was claimed to produce

Warnock’s campaign and Democratic committee claimed that at least 19 counties in Georgia — including several counties with significant Republican voters — are already moving ahead with Saturday’s polls. Suspending voting at this late date would lead to “chaos” and “further confusion for voters,” they argued in court filings.

A high-stakes run-off between Warnock and Walker is attracting big money and celebrities to Peach State. Former President Barack Obama is set to stump for Warnock next week.

If Warnock wins re-election, the Democrats will retain 51 seats in the 100-member House, eliminating the need to rely on Vice President Kamala Harris to operate under the current power-sharing pact that breaks the tie vote in favor of the Democrats. increase.

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