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GOP Rep. Won’t Vote to Boot Omar From Committee, Slams Kevin McCarthy

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  • McCarthy plans to vote to remove Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Relations Committee.
  • He cited Omar’s previous comments about Israel and an earlier vote to do the same for Republicans.
  • But Congresswoman Victoria Spartz did not vote on the resolution, saying McCarthy should “take the reign”.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is preparing to hold a House vote in the coming weeks. Dismissal of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar This cites earlier comments by Omar, a Minnesota congressman on the House Foreign Relations Committee, who was seen as anti-Semitic, and his statements set a precedent set by House Democrats.

But at least one House Republican — Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz — has adamantly declared not to vote on the resolution.

“Speaker McCarthy is taking unprecedented action in Congress this time, refusing to assign several committees to minorities without proper due process,” Spartz said in a statement Tuesday. Having spoken out in the House two years ago, I will never support this charade again.Speaker McCarthy needs to stop ‘bread and circuses’ in Congress and begin reigning for change.”

This is not the first time Spartz has criticized McCarthy.

During the four days the House voted to elect a new Speaker, Spartz began voting “in attendance” as the roll call progressed. claiming That vote is “wasting everyone’s time.”

In her statement on Tuesday, Spartz referred to a bipartisan vote in Congress prior to removing Republican lawmakers. Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Green When Arizona’s Paul Gosar From the Commission over violent rhetoric, saying, “Two mistakes don’t make it right.”

She also apparently made reference to the impending dismissal of California Democrats Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff from the House Intelligence Standing Committee.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries recently claimed The removal of two Democrats from the commission is a “double standard,” and Republican New York Rep. However, as Speaker of the House, McCarthy has the unilateral ability to veto committees of Jeffries’ choice.

But in the case of Omar’s seat on the House Foreign Relations Committee, removing her would require a full House vote, and McCarthy could afford to lose just a handful of votes, given the narrow Republican majority. Only. Other Republicans also expressed skepticism about ideas.

Omar Apology nearly 3 years ago Her remarks included a suggestion that support for Israel in the United States was primarily about money.

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