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Ivanka Trump tried to escape judge’s order to monitor Trump family finances, report says

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Former White House adviser Ivanka Trump tried to escape a court order to appoint a special observer to oversee major transactions of individuals associated with the Trump Organization and the company. Daily Beast.

News outlets reported on Monday that the former president’s eldest daughter has filed a letter from her lawyer with the court asking her name to be removed from the order.A lawsuit is underway against the company.

She failed, according to Daily Beast, It likely has something to do with the fact that she left the company in 2017 to join her father’s administration.

The Trump Organization continues to face a civil lawsuit filed by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, alleging that it fraudulently inflated and devalued various holdings for the purpose of defrauding taxes, banks, and other financial institutions. have been accused. The Trump family and company denied wrongdoing and claimed the lawsuit was politically damaging.

After James announced the lawsuit, after the Trump family created a second company in a Delaware tax haven called the Trump Organization II, the judge overseeing the case ruled out major deals with financial institutions. We took steps to appoint a monitor to scrutinize it.

Ivanka Trump made headlines last week when she skipped her father’s announcement about her 2024 candidacy and said she had no intention of returning to politics.

That statement, combined with her testimony before the committee on Jan. 6, indicates that her views on her father’s political campaign may have deteriorated. It’s a sign of growing weariness with Donald Trump himself.

The Trump Organization is still accused in a separate Manhattan lawsuit of crafting an elaborate scheme to dodge taxes by offering expensive perks to executives.

Independent asked Trump for comment.

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