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Japan consul ‘blindfolded and restrained’ during FSB interrogation in Russia | Japan

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Japan summoned the Russian ambassador to Tokyo after a Japanese diplomat was blindfolded and detained during interrogation in Vladivostok.

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said Tatsunori Motoki, a consul based in the eastern Russian city, was subjected to “forced interrogation” while in custody by the Russian FSB security services.

The FSB said it was detaining him on suspicion of espionage. Ukraine War sanctions against Russia.

The Kremlin had previously called Japan a “hostile country” after Japan joined in imposing sanctions on Russia over its war in Ukraine – the same designation as the US, UK and EU countries.

Hayashi said on Tuesday that Motoki had never been involved in any illegal activity and that his detention, which lasted several hours, was “totally unacceptable.”

According to Kyodo News, Japan’s foreign ministry has summoned Russian Ambassador Mikhail Garzin over the incident.

The ministry has demanded a formal apology from Moscow, Mr. Lin said, adding that the government will consider appropriate retaliatory measures.

According to the FSB, Motoki was arrested on suspicion of spying for obtaining classified information in exchange for money.

The diplomat was declared persona non grata and ordered to leave Russia within 48 hours, he added. Media reports said he was due to return to Japan by Wednesday.

“A Japanese diplomat was detained red-handed when he received classified information about Russia’s cooperation with other countries in the Asia-Pacific region in exchange for money,” the FSB said on Monday. claimed in a statement provided by

The FSB also claimed it had sought information about the impact of sanctions imposed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on eastern Primorye.

The Japanese Embassy in Moscow lodged a complaint with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that Motoki’s detention and interrogation violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

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