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Mexico zoo director killed, cooked animals

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Mexico City –

A former director of a zoo in southern Mexico killed four of the zoo’s pygmy goats and served them at a party during the Christmas season, officials said.

Jose Rubén Nava was replaced as director after a deer died at the local zoo in Chilpancingo city on January 12.

But officials said Tuesday that an investigation found that some of the animals in the zoo’s collection had been sold, traded or eaten on Nava’s orders.

The state’s environmental agency said zebras were traded for tools and deer, and Watusi cattle were traded for individuals without proper explanation.

It is not clear if Nava was formally charged in the case or had an attorney.

But the most shocking accusation was made by Fernando Luis Gutierrez, director of wildlife at the State Department of Environment. He said Nava killed four of the zoo’s male pygmy goats and cooked them for an end-of-year banquet.

Luis Gutierrez said, “These four were slaughtered on the zoo’s grounds, cooked, and served as a year-end party meal.

“This puts the health of those who eat them at risk because these animals are not fit for human consumption.

Nava is also said to have replaced the zoo’s zebras with the tools needed to repair things around the zoo, but inspections found no such tools at the facility.

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