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No One ‘Better Suited’ to Lead House GOP Than McCarthy

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  • Paul Ryan said there was no one “fitter” to lead the Republican Party in the House than Kevin McCarthy.
  • In an ABC News interview, the former speaker claimed McCarthy was “good for conservatives.”
  • McCarthy is trying to secure the votes to lead the House with a narrow Republican majority in 2023.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview aired Sunday that California minority leader Kevin McCarthy was “good for conservatives” and who was “better” to lead the House GOP meeting. I claimed no.

McCarthy, who will take over as Speaker of the Republican-majority House in January, is working to collect the votes needed to run the House, but several members of the Freedom Caucus, including members of the House, have face a stumbling block between Andy Biggs of Arizona and Matt Gates of Florida have vowed not to endorse him.

But Ryan, who presided from October 2015 to January 2019 in a stronger Republican majority, said: Said ABC News journalist Jonathan Carr said Republican lawmakers would rally if they had a small majority.

“Nothing unites like a really very thin majority. It’s something that unites itself. I was in the House and we had a pretty tight majority. Everything I want — me has to be part of the team, but having said that, it will be difficult,” he said.

Ryan also told Carl he believed McCarthy would win at least 218 votes on the floor, expressing confidence in the lawmaker’s ability to lead the Republican Party.

“I think he will score 218,” he said. “There is no better person to run this conference than Kevin McCarthy. Frankly, he’s more of a conservative, but someone who really understands how to run a conference.”

When Carl asked Ryan about McCarthy’s alliance with Georgia Rep. I said I know how to build a .

“If you’re chairman of the House in your own party, you run a coalition government. I’ve elected a lot of people from New York and California from what I call the more middle-of-the-middle neighborhoods. “They are the majority makers. Kevin understands that, so we need to run a coalition,” he said.

“He runs a coalition government,” Ryan continued. “He needs the whole meeting to work with him, and he needs to motivate that whole meeting.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Republican member of the January 6 Committee of the House of Representatives and retiring at the end of the current Congress, Said Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes was a Republican last week. will have a “totally non-functional majority” There are such narrow advantages.

With a few races left, Republicans schedule Maintain a 219-211 lead in the House next year. He needs 218 seats to control the chamber.

Ryan with Angela Lachidi of the American Enterprise Institute co-edited a new book “America’s Rebirth: A Conservative Plan to Strengthen the Social Contract and Save the Nation’s Finances,” also said of his successor, California House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, soon to step down as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus for nearly two decades, worked with Ryan when she was minority leader and he led the House.

“It’s an impressive legacy,” Ryan said of Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011 and 2019 to present, and her time across Congress.

“Obviously, she and I usually disagree on things. But being the first female speaker…a career to be proud of,” he said.

“Frankly, I’ve been thinking a lot about my husband Paul lately. I feel so bad about what happened to them,” Ryan added, referring to the intruder’s San Francisco home story. mentioned an attack on her husband.

Paul Pelosi fought back at his attacker but was hit in the head with a hammer and was hospitalized with a skull fracture. Since then he release.

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