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Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 273 of the invasion | Ukraine

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  • G7 countries will soon announce price caps for Russia’s oil exports A senior U.S. Treasury official said on Tuesday that the coalition will probably adjust levels several times a year, rather than monthly. Her G7, which includes the US, along with the EU and Australia, will implement price limits on sea exports of Russian oil on Dec. 5. This is part of sanctions meant to punish Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

  • If Russia destroys power plants and other facilities this winter, Ukrainians in need of basic services can turn to special “invincible centers”. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Tuesday. Thousands of centers spread across the country provide electricity, heat, water, internet services, mobile phone connections and pharmacies free of charge and around the clock. “If there is another major Russian strike and it is clear that power will not be restored for hours, the ‘Invincible Center’ will come back into action on all major services,” Zelensky said.

  • Ukrainians are likely to experience power outages until at least the end of March, Leading energy provider Said, as a government Free evacuation started From the people of Kherson to other regions.

  • Kyiv summons Hungarian ambassador to protest that Prime Minister Viktor Orban went to a football match wearing a scarf depicting Ukrainian territory as part of Hungary, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. Ukrainian media published images of Orban meeting the Hungarian footballer, wearing a scarf.

  • Russia’s Gazprom has threatened to stop the flow of gas to Europe through Ukraine as early as next week. In a statement, Russia’s state-owned energy giant Said Some gas flows maintained in Ukraine were actually destined for Moldova, accusing Kyiv of blocking the delivery of 52.52m3 from transit to Moldova.

  • In Crimea, Russia’s air defense system was activated, repelling two drone attacks on Tuesday, including one targeting a power plant near Sevastopol, the regional governor said. Sevastopol is the home port of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Russian Governor Mikhail Razbodjayev called for calm, saying no damage had been done.

  • The Polish president spoke to a hoax caller disguised as France’s Emmanuel Macron the night the missile hit a village near the Ukrainian border, his office confirmed. “Emmanuel, believe me, I’m paying extra attention,” Duda says to the caller Recordings of phone calls posted on the Internet. “I don’t want to go to war with Russia. Trust me, I’m very careful, very careful.”

  • Additional Reports Reuters and Associated Press

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