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Snapchat Video Allegedly Places Alex Murdaugh At Scene

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The testimony on the video comes after nearly a day of evidence from SLED lieutenant Dove about the vast amounts of data recovered from Paul, Maggie and Alex’s cell phones. Information included calls and texts, timing of communications, and whether they were opened or answered.

But whether the phone recorded the steps taken by the person holding it, whether the camera was intentionally activated by the person using the app or trying to unlock the phone, It also included deeper technical evidence as to whether the orientation changed from portrait to landscape.

Evidence suggests that at 8:48:59 Paul had read the last text on the phone from a female friend about which movie to watch that night. The text he received from Gibson 36 seconds later was not read at all.

According to data from Maggie’s phone, the last time she read a text was within 30 seconds. But the data also showed that her cell phone camera was activated for one second of her for about five minutes. This can happen when the iPhone tries to detect the face of the person trying to unlock the phone, she said, Dove said. The device was not unlocked, but then the number of steps and changes in orientation were recorded.

Maggie’s text messages indicated that she had been in contact with family and friends earlier in the day about the health of Alex’s father, who was in critical condition in the hospital. “Alex wants me to go home,” she texted a loved one that afternoon. rice field.

Data from Alex’s phone showed it was inactive and did not move from 8:10pm to 9:02pm. He then tried to call her wife but was unsuccessful and texted her to tell her he was going to her mother’s house.

His lawyers grabbed some data and said that the two devices weren’t recording steps at the same time, so when Alex and Maggie’s phones were last turned, they weren’t together. suggested.

According to the data, Maggie’s phone recorded the final orientation change around the same time Alex tried to call Maggie at around 9:06 p.m.

Attorney Phillip Barber suggested to Dove that this indicated that someone had thrown the phone out of a car window in surprise, but SLED’s agents weren’t sure at what angle the phone was thrown or landed. The next day, Maggie’s mobile phone was found half a mile from the property.

Dove also testified that upon examining Alex’s phone, he found that many of the call records from the night of the murder had been manually deleted.

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s case, prosecutors also opened the door to evidence they hope to bring about Alex’s financial troubles. indicted on dozens of crimes He was accused of stealing funds from a client and the law firm where he worked as a lawyer.

Waters tells Loving that Alex is facing a lawsuit brought against his family in connection with Alex’s financial situation, the debt he had, or the fatal boating accident in which Paul was charged. Asked if he knew about the risks of civil discovery.In manslaughter. Loving testified that he did not.

Waters then asked if Loving knew that Alex was facing a funding shortfall of about $792,000 from law firm staff on the morning of the killing. After the judge dismissed the defense team’s objections, Loving said he was unaware.

A judge is scheduled to rule Thursday on whether Alex’s alleged financial theft will be admissible in court.

Prosecutors have stated that this was a key motive for his murder, claiming he killed his wife and son to distract from his financial wrongdoings and to gain sympathy.

In an attempt to divert attention to other suspects, he immediately began pointing to Paul’s boat crash as a possible motive for someone to seek revenge on the family, and the threats he had received to Paul. They allege that they started talking to 911 operators, first responders, and investigators.

But Gibson, who testified Wednesday, said his friend Paul did not feel his life was in serious danger. “He said people would comment on it, but nothing I really thought was serious,” Gibson said.

Gibson also said in court that it would be difficult to present evidence against Alex.

“We had a good relationship,” said Gibson. “He treated me like one of his own.”

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