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Stormy Daniels mocks Donald Trump’s grammar and says he accidentally confirmed her story

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Stormy Daniels has hit back hard at Donald Trump.His attempt to mock the adult movie star may have backfired.

Daniels thanked the former president for “admitting” to the alleged affair, even though he had declared he “never had an affair.” She also posted in Truth Social. ridiculed the former president for using incorrect grammar in

When New York City prosecutors began presenting evidence, a verbal battle between the two began on social media. grand jury About the “shutdown system” Mr Trump accused of using to maintain Mr. daniels From revealing an extramarital affair with her before the 2016 election.

Without naming his former attorney, Trump blamed former attorney Michael Cohen, saying there was no reason not to turn to him.

“As for the ‘stormy’ nonsense, it is very old, happened a long time ago, is well past the very public and accepted statute of limitations, and has fully dependent on the judgment and advice of the Council. “I have reason to believe that I have been qualified to practice law, competent, and have adequately provided sound legal services,” he said in the post.

Daniels referred to the former president’s derogatory nickname in response to Trump’s attacks.

“Thank you for admitting I was telling the truth about everything. By the way, that’s the correct use of quotes,” she said, sharing a screenshot of Trump’s “Truth.”

Her tweet sparked a lot of sarcastic reactions on Twitter.

Constitutional attorney Mark S. Zeid further ridiculed Trump for using the term council. he said: Given all the millions of dollars Trump has spent on lawyers, you would think he knows how to spell words correctly. Oh, Stormy is right in making a very important confession.”

Another user, Denny Cherry, said Trump admitted his actions were illegal, but got away with it.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, received a payment of $130,000 from Trump’s then-lawyer Cohen in exchange for signing a confidentiality agreement in October 2016.

After pleading guilty to eight criminal charges as a result of an investigation, Cohen spent a year in prison and was released under surveillance for several more years, but admitted to making the payment in court.

Transaction records later obtained from Mr. Trump’s firm by New York prosecutors showed that the firm reimbursed Mr. Cohen under the guise of compensation for his legal services.

Trump is expected to be charged with falsifying business records after the Manhattan Attorney’s Office subpoenaed witnesses about the payments.

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