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Trump 2024 is locked and loaded, analyst says

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Now, more than two months after the president’s announcement, Donald Trump has the key tool he needs to complete his campaign: access to social media.

Recently, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced the resurrection of Trump’s social media accounts after a two-year hiatus.

The suspension was imposed in the aftermath of the deadly riots at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This has certainly been good news for the Trump campaign and his legions of loyal and devoted supporters.

But with the wreckage of that cold January day still lingering, political opponents are bracing for the potential dangers that lie ahead, whether real or perceived.

In 2016, Trump used social media to great effect in his bid to win the US presidential election. During his tenure in the White House, he frequently made news and kept the entire media landscape up to date with his media presence on a strong social network. His posts carried out a range of machinations, from inflammatory to disconcerting.

The allegation shattered the president’s etiquette code

The former reality TV star’s constant outrageous claims have shattered the norms of presidential etiquette. Former President Barack Obama has even accused him of spying!Like a maestro leading an orchestra, his minions and a cadre of his retinue immediately began playing on cue.

Over the years, Donald Trump has assembled a powerful chorus of voices, across Congress, the media, state capitals, and all, who have combined conspiracy theories laced with violent conspiracies into one note. . An agreement; singing in unison.

The twice impeached former president has access to all social media tools. These tools not only fueled his political rise, but also catalyzed political violence that spread across the country.

34 million followers on Facebook. 23 million on Instagram. 87 million people on Twitter. Trump has built up a formidable and devoted audience that sticks to his every word.

An already fragile political climate

The former president, who shows no remorse and sees his suspension as unjustified, said on his own social media platform Truth Social:

Trump continues a trend that favors perceived grievances and victimization that exacerbates an already fragile and unstable political climate. uses these accounts like loaded weapons.

Political onlookers brace for an onslaught as the former president ramps up his presidential campaign. Lawyer Laura Murphy, who led Facebook’s two-year audit, said:: I worry about Facebook’s ability to understand the real-world harm Trump is causing…

This “real world harm” Murphy describes is already a harsh reality. The recently released video footage of former US House Speaker Nancy’s violent attack on her Pelosi husband is sending a collective shudder into the political class.

Perpetrator David DePape, 42, claimed he was “sick of the insane level of lies coming out of Washington, D.C.”. Donald Trump Jr. teased attackit was the hammer that was in the attack, so we’re sharing an image of Paul Pelosi’s Halloween costume, including the hammer.

In the aftermath of the recent 2022 midterm elections, the public breathed a sigh of relief as the results came and went without violence and the results were largely reported without incident. Unfortunately, that euphoria was only momentary.

Unsuccessful Republican Candidate Solomon Peña Arrested by Albuquerque Police He was accused of complicity in paying to shoot the winning candidate. Before the attack, Peña (like Trump) claimed the election results were rigged. Affidavit of arrest warrant obtained from the police The suspect said it was “intended to cause serious injury or death to the occupants of the home.”

Trump’s propensity to inflict maximum brutality on others has been a mainstay since he entered politics. His affinity for tyranny. A fascist and dictator leader; coupled with his ambivalence towards democratic institutions, his return to the political arena is fraught with peril.

Trump firmly regains control of his social media accounts

In a recent article, columnist Charlie Sykes described Trump’s penchant for violence: Many in the MAGA crowd enthusiastically agree with this ideology. Had he organized an attack on the U.S. Capitol on the 6th, “we would have won” and “it would have been armed.”

Donald Trump’s inner circle continues to tell big lies and incite violence. Now that Trump has firmly regained control of his social media and his accounts, he hopes to amplify his sharp, harsh, and violent rhetoric aimed at enemies and perceived organizations. There is nothing to stop us from circumventing political safeguards and standards again in favor.

Trump’s hold on ordinary Republicans remains as strong today as it was the day he stepped down a gold-plated escalator in 2015. attacks on the enemy, as evidenced by recent events in New Mexico and San Francisco.

Trump 2024 is locked and loaded with many would-be targets in their sights. By allowing Trump to join social media again, companies like Meta and Twitter might think they’re lowering the political temperature. But Trump’s ruthlessness knows no bounds and can certainly backfire. The fire nearly consumed the country on his January 6th. Now, with a second chance, Trump can finish what he started.

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