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Trump pushing back on special master’s request for him to declare in court whether DOJ inventory is accurate

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Former President Donald Trump opposes the government’s plans. special master oversee the review of Documents seized from Mar-a-Lago In that case, Trump would have to declare in court whether the inventory from the Justice Department search was accurate.

The requested declaration forces the former president to go on record in court about his suggestions that the FBI may have planted evidence during the Aug. 8 raid.

Trump’s objection to the declaration’s request was made public Wednesday night in court filings from his attorney after the Justice Department vaguely discussed his objections in a public filing to the U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearyserves as a special master on Tuesday evenings.

Trump’s team argued that the court order naming Dearie only referred to declarations by senior government officials who confirmed the Justice Department’s search list, and that there was no such reference to declarations on Trump’s part. In a newly released filing, a letter sent privately to Dearie Sunday, Trump said, “Because the Special Master’s case management plan exceeds the grant of authority from the district court on this matter.” He said he would have to challenge the requirement.

“Furthermore, plaintiffs do not currently have access to the classified marked documents necessary to complete such attestation by the currently proposed completion date of September 30. ‘ said Mr Trump.

The former president’s team also asked that Deary record documents from the investigation in a more specific category than what U.S. District Court Judge Eileen Cannon, who granted Trump’s request for review, had in mind in her appointment order. He argued that this was beyond his authority.

Trump also expressed opposition to explaining to Dearie whether certain legal motions related to the search are best left to the magistrate who approved the warrant.

Sunday’s letter of objection to Dearie was made public in Wednesday’s filing from the Trump team. In it, they told Special Masters that the documents from the search amounted to 200,000 pages of material. , has not increased significantly. collection.

Trump’s team wants additional time to process a ton of documents — three of Trump’s attorneys said Wednesday after previously being characterized as 11,000 items or documents by the Justice Department. I wrote a letter to Dearie.

The Justice Department has accused Trump and others of having federal and classified government records among hundreds of thousands of unprotected pages at a beach club in Florida after Trump stepped down as president. We are investigating whether the

In recent days, a special master process has allowed the Trump team and the Department of Justice to make documents available for processing using services that can be hosted digitally. Earlier this week, the Justice Department said in court filings that Trump’s team had indicated that the data-hosting company did not want to work with the former president.

His team now says the problem is the scale of evidence gathering.

“In conversations with plaintiffs’ attorneys and the government regarding data vendors, the government said the 11,000 documents contained nearly 200,000 pages. The estimate is why many of the government-selected vendors have declined potential involvement,” Trump’s team wrote Wednesday.

In a letter to Dearie on Wednesday, Trump said lawyers working on the investigation may have been exposed to a small number of confidential attorney-client communications before the Justice Department’s filter team or special masters investigated. complained.

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