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Why is the French pension age so low?

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T.he is french He is taking to the streets again to oppose plans to raise the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64. The proposal was announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Born on her January 10th and is currently underway. through parliament. Very unpopular in France, where 68% oppose reform. But from elsewhere in Europe it looks very modest. Why is the pensionable age in France so low?

Most Europeans are well over 62 when they start paying public pensions. The UK pension age is 66. German pension age he is 67 years old. There are two pension ages in France. The legal minimum age is 62 and he will be paid a full pension if the required number of contributions is made. Full pension is paid at age 67. You will be paid regardless. The new rule increases the number of annual contributions required from 41 to 43.

Due to complex national rules on credits and exemptions, many Europeans actually retire earlier than their country’s pensionable age. The average retirement age for Britons is 63.7. The average woman is her 63.2. German men retire at an average age of 63.1 and women at her 63.2. The average age in France is even lower, with men retiring on average at 60.4 and women at her 60.9. Thanks to its high life expectancy, France’s average length of retirement is the second highest in the world for men. OECD (after Luxembourg); third highest for women.

This puts particular pressure on the French system. Pensions are funded by compulsory hypothetical payrolls imposed on those working for retirees at any given time. In France, he is now only 1.7 employed per pensioner, down from 2.1 in 2000. This figure he is projected to decrease to 1.3 by 2070.

France has a low retirement age because of its mixed history and political culture. The country’s earliest pension system was established for the Navy. ancient systemTo this day, certain categories of workers, such as dancers at the Paris Opera and railway workers, enjoy early retirement rights under such historical schemes.so SNCFMore, JNR allows employees to retire at the age of 52-55. Modern rules governing pensions were introduced in 1945 with the birth of the French welfare state. At that time, the retirement age for a full pension was 65. It wasn’t until socialist President Francois Mitterrand came to power in 1981 with a pledge to strengthen workers’ rights that France lowered the pension age to his 60s.

Since then, attempts to force French people to work longer have sparked outrage and resistance. increase. It celebrates progress towards a better society where the burden of labor is reduced. In 1995 there was a strike that paralyzed Jacques Chirac’s failed attempt to raise his pension age. In 2010, there were mass protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s (ultimately successful) decision to raise the age from his 60 to his 62. President Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to raise the threshold to his 64th may seem modest on paper, but it is as symbolically bold as it is politically risky.

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