Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen says delaying Artemis II mission to 2025 right call

Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen says he agrees with NASA that a planned mission to the moon should be delayed until September 2025.

Hansen says he and his NASA crewmates were happy that officials put off the Artemis II moon mission originally scheduled for this November.

He says NASA is managing many risks and more work is needed to resolve technical issues with the Orion spacecraft before its first crewed flight.

The craft completed an unmanned mission around the moon — Artemis I — in late 2022.

Hansen was speaking today at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters south of Montreal, where media were shown how the team is preparing for the mission.

The demonstrations included examples of physical training sessions and an update on the development of Canadarm3, a new robotic arm being built for the NASA-led Gateway lunar station.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 5, 2024 


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