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Cary Tarasoff announces mayoral run for Saskatoon

Cary Tarasoff has thrown his hat in the ring for Saskatoon’s mayoral race claiming the city hasn’t been running properly.

“I’m not happy with the way the city’s been run,” Tarasoff said.

He said he doesn’t want to just complain, and said he needs to propose other ideas and wants to dig into issues within the city.

Tarasoff is not a new name for anyone who has voted in previous Saskatoon municipal elections, as this isn’t the first time running for mayor.

He said people are paying for things through taxes or service fees in Saskatoon but said services within the city aren’t increasing.

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“And yet there’s more and more of these wishlist projects that seem to be coming to the forefront.”

He pointed to the potential Downtown Event and Entertainment District in the city, saying money has been used to purchase land for a project that hasn’t been approved yet.

“That money could have been used to offset the tax gate and it’s really hurting people.”

Tarasoff said his focus will be on getting control of the city’s debt and not spending as much.

Saskatoon will be seeing a new mayor in the city after current mayor Charlie Clark announced back in January that he would not be running in the 2024 municipal election.

The City of Saskatoon 2024 municipal and school board election takes place on November 13.

Nomination papers for can be submitted to the Returning Officer in late September until nomination day on Oct. 9.

Information for potential candidates can be found on the City of Saskatoon website.

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