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Fredericton Chamber of Commerce weighs in on new location for middle school

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce say they want George Street Middle School to be rebuilt on the New Brunswick Exhibition Grounds.

In a press release on Nov. 29, the province announced it would be constructing a new building for the school.

The school scored highest out of all the schools tested in the province for carbon dioxide levels in the 2022-23 period.

“George Street Middle School has been really an institution in downtown Fredericton for a long time, but it’s time to be replaced now,” Fredericton Chamber of Commerce CEO Morgan Peters said.

In an emailed statement Diana Chávez, a spokesperson for the province, said the province hasn’t decided where to build the school yet.

The Exhibition Grounds’ redevelopment has been controversial as the city and the Exhibition Grounds’ board of directors worked out what to do with the area, and its race track.

In 2021, the city and the board of directors reached an agreement that included three development plans. Each plan included a middle school.

Peters said the province rebuilding the school is really good timing for the city to put the development plans into action.

“We’re seeing this as an opportunity for the municipality and the province to work toward a shared goal,” Peters said.

Chávez said the province will continue working with the city and the school district to decide on a new location.

“At the very least, we think the school should be in the downtown area, the catchment area. That area is growing pretty rapidly population-wise, and we want to see that continue,” Peters said.

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