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Montreal man alleges he was attacked for ‘looking’ Muslim

A Christian man originally from Eastern Europe living in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough claims he was attacked and threatened Saturday  because he “looks” Muslim.

Felician Farcane says he was punched in the face by a teen who was part of a large group of people outside his home on Saturday evening, suffering an injury to his jaw that required scans at a medical clinic on Easter Sunday.

“I was just backing up and they just attacked me, I was just completely surrounded,” Farcane said.

He claims there were about 20 people.

But Farcane says what is most shocking was what he was told before he allegedly got punched.

“The father of the gentleman who attacked me he was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you cause you’re Muslim’,” Farcane alleges. “I am not Muslim and I have nothing against Muslims. I’m Christian but that is really wrong. It’s unacceptable.”

Farcane alleges it all started Saturday morning because of a dispute over parking.

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He claims his neighbour was upset because his car didn’t leave enough room for the neighbour to get into her driveway. Farcane says there was a heated verbal debate, but he claims it was left at that.

The alleged attack happened in the evening when Farcane says he was getting back into his car to pick up his daughter.

“For a parking spot, it’s not worth it to threaten anybody’s life,” Farcane said.

Fo Niemi, the executive director of the Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR), says there is a rise in social tensions in Montreal.

Niemi says there needs to be more initiatives such as hate-crime prevention to increase harmony and respect.

“On the one hand, we have to inform people what a hate crime is and what the law says about hate crime and why you should not be committing any act of hate whether it’s verbal or physical,” Niemi said.

As for Farcane’s allegations, Global News tried to speak with the neighbours who were allegedly involved, but a family member said there was a death in the family and they needed to grieve in peace.

Meanwhile, Farcane says he has spoken to police and wants his alleged assailant to be arrested.

“I just want this to be a lesson for him because he did this to me now, he’s going to do it to somebody else,” Farcane said, adding that nobody should live in fear for their looks or religion.


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