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Sask. killer Myles Sanderson revealed to be living in a bush during 3-day manhunt: RCMP

Sask. RCMP finally revealed where mass murdered Myles Sanderson was hiding during the three-day manhunt that gripped the province in 2022.

Testimony came from RCMP on the final day of the provincial coroner’s inquest into the 11 people that were killed on James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon by Sanderson’s hands, revealing that the killer was hiding less than a 30 minute drive from his last target the whole time.

After he killed Wesley Petterson in Weldon, Sanderson drove a stolen 2016 black Nissan Rogue to the Wakaw, Crystal Springs area before crashing it into a bush when it ran out of fuel.

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Sanderson broke into a nearby garage to steal food, beverages and bedding, leaving fingerprints on the lid of the freezer.

Officers showed photos of a camp Sanderson had set up in a bush near the residence where they believe he stayed for three days.

“He never left the Wakaw area,” testified RCMP Sgt. Evan Anderson.

On Sept. 7, 2022, Sanderson went back to the home and assaulted the woman who lived there. He stole her 2008 white Chevrolet Avalanche and took off.

“Myles Sanderson only had the clothes on his back and did not have any resources available to him such as a phone or vehicle, until he made the decision to steal the white Avalanche,” Anderson said.

After she was assaulted and her car was stolen, the woman reported Sanderson to RCMP who chased him down on Highway 11.

Officers pit-maneuvered the Avalanche near Rosthern and arrested Sanderson.

He quickly went into medical distress and died shortly after being taken to the hospital by RCMP.

The Nissan was found in a bush near Sanderson’s camp two days later.

Anderson’s testimony was intended to bridge the gap between the January inquest and the inquest into Sanderson’s death in February.

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