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Smiths Falls, Ont. woman’s wedding dress stolen 2 weeks before marriage

What began for a couple from Smiths Falls as a chance to get away from all of the stress that comes with planning the wedding of their dreams ended up as a nightmare.

On Friday, April 12, Kimberley Thomas and her husband-to-be, Jared Frayn, were enjoying a relaxing getaway at the Days Inn in Kingston.

In the morning, Thomas says her fiancé overheard a conversation in the lobby about a man who had found stolen tools nearby.

“Jared came back and was mentioning it to me and I was like, ‘Did you check the car?’ And he was like, ‘No, you always lock the car.’ I had a bad feeling and went and checked,” Thomas said.

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She discovered that, along with invitations, pocket squares, bridesmaid dresses and more, her beloved wedding dress that she was to wear walking down the aisle in just over two weeks’ time was gone.

“I cried. I wanted to throw up. I honestly couldn’t believe that somebody would stoop that low,” she added.

Thomas said she had just bought the car and was certain she had pushed the lock button, but the car did not lock, leaving their possessions exposed.

They called the police to report the theft and the Days Inn gave authorities access to their security footage.

Police said that an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

For Frayn, it was difficult seeing his wife-to-be in tears.

“Just trying to get away from it all, and then we woke up to being further back with more stress than ever possibly imaginable, you know?” Frayn said.

Since the dress was stolen, they’ve been sounding the alarm on social media in hopes of a miracle.

Regardless, they don’t plan on letting it ruin their big day.

“We’re excited, you know? And we’re not going to let some mishap from some unfortunate character ruin it,” Frayn said.

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